Adrienne Fried Block Fellowship

Adrienne Fried BlockThis fellowship, endowed in honor of Adrienne Fried Block, shall be given to support scholarly research leading to publication on topics that illuminate musical life in large urban communities. Preference shall be given to projects that focus on the interconnections among the groups and organizations present in these metropolitan settings and their participation in the wide range of genres that inform the musical life and culture of their cities.  

Application Information

The Society for American Music seeks to award fellowships to support a broad spectrum of research conducted by society members. Projects that have already received SAM fellowship support (Cone, Graziano, McCulloh, Thomson, Tick) are not eligible to receive the Block Fellowship.

1. Applicants will provide a one-page letter of application with contact information; a current full CV; a narrative of no more than five pages (double-spaced) that describes the scope of the project and the need for funding; and a one-page budget for the project.

2. Applicants must be members in good standing of the Society for American Music.

3. No more than one award will be offered in each cycle. The amount of the award each cycle will vary depending on the interest generated by its endowment. The maximum award is $3,000.

4. A one-page budget and final report are to be submitted by the recipient to the Executive Director of the Society no more than one year after the award is presented.

Applicants should include a full mailing address, phone number, and email address (where an acknowledgement will be sent).

Applications should be emailed to the committee chair Nancy Rao.  

Entry Deadline: November 1, 2017

Members of the Committee: Nancy Rao, chair (2017-18), Kate Galloway (2016-19), Mark Clague (2017-20)

Previous Fellows

Award Year Fellow

Austin Richey, “Musical Expression in the African/Zimbabwean Diaspora”

Christopher J. Wells, “ ‘Feeling Every Note’: Embodiment, Community, and Precarity at Jazz 966”

2016 Lauron Kehrer, "Beyond Beyoncé: Intersections of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary American Hip-Hop (ca. 2004-2014)."

Davide Ceriani, “Defining Italian Cultural Identity in New York City through Opera: The Years of Mass Migration (1879-1924)”

2014 Kate Galloway, “From Cityscapes to Landscapes: Collaborations and Collisions between Natural and Built Environments in Hildegard Westerkamp’s Soundscape Compositions”
2013 Marianne Betz, “G. W. Chadwick’s The Padrone (1913) or: Opportunities and Obstacles for Opera in Boston”
2012 Carolyn Guszki, “Race at the Opera: Artists of Color at the Metropolitan, 1916-1926”
2011 Deniz Ertan, “Transit and Difference in Musical America, 1908-1923”
2010 Patrick Warfield, “Sousa's Washington”