Sight and Sound Subvention

The Sight and Sound Subvention Committee will consider applications regarding financial assistance to facilitate the publication of non-print material concerning American music. Such material may include film, DVD, CD and other audio/visual formats, radio programs, website development, or other projects that further the Society's mission and goals. These materials should be available through a commercial source, not on the applicant's personal pages.

Works previously published with the assistance of SAM subventions

Applications may be made by performers, editors, or producers, who are members of the Society. Applications should be submitted to the Sight and Sound Committee which will make its recommendations with brief justifications to the Society for American Music board in advance of its spring meeting, usually held in March.

Maximum award: Awards may be made up to $1,000 each

Deadline: 15 November 2013

Guidelines: A Sight and Sound Subvention application should include the following:

  1. Complete contact information.
  2. An abstract of no more than 500 words that describes the project and its contribution to American music.
  3. A brief statement about publication and/or distribution plans.
  4. A financial statement explaining the expenses to which the subvention would be applied.
  5. A brief curriculum vita or resume.

Applications should be sent electronically (in Microsoft Word or pdf format) to: Brian Thompson

Committee: Brian Thompson, chair (2012-2015), Susan Key (2013-2016), Will Cheng (2013-2016)