Past Winners of the Housewright Dissertation Award

Diss. Year Winner
1995 David Patterson, "Appraising the Catchwords, c. 1942-1959: John Cage's Asian- Derived Rhetoric and the Historic Reference of Black Mountain College"
1997 Jennifer L. DeLapp, "Copland in the Fifties: Music and Ideology in the McCarthy Era"
1998 David Ake, "Being Jazz: Identities and Images"
1999 Amy C. Beal, "Patronage and Reception History of American Experimental Music in West Germany, 1945-1986"
2000 Sandra J. Graham, "The Fisk Jubilee Singers and the Concert Spiritual: the Beginnings of an American Tradition"
2001 Elyse Carter Vosen, "Seventh-Fire Children: Gender, Embodiment, and Musical Performances of Decolonization by Anishinaabe Youth"
2002 Mark Clague, "Chicago Counterpoint: The Auditorium"
2003 Mark J. Butler, "Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music"
2004 Charles Hiroshi Garrett, "Struggling to Define a Nation: American Music in the Twentieth Century"
2005 Jeremy Grimshaw, "Music of a 'More Exalted Sphere': Compositional Practice, Biography, and Cosmology in the Music of La Monte Young"
2006 Drew Davies, "The Italianized Frontier: Music at Durango Cathedral, Español Culture, and Aesthetics of Devotion in Eighteenth-Century New Spain"
2007 Ayden Adler, "Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music": Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops, 1930-1950."
2008 Jonathan Greenberg, "Singing Up Close: Voice, Language, and Race in American Popular Music, 1925–1935"

Note: For years not listed, no award was given.