Information for Poster Presenters

Information for Poster Session Presenters

Poster sessions provide an important opportunity for SAM members to meet informally with authors and discuss research. This session will give you an opportunity to interact with your colleagues, exhibit your findings, and answer questions about your research.

The conference booklet will indicate the location of poster sessions. Please check this to verify the day, time, and place of your session.

Please arrive at your session early so you have time to set up your poster. You will be provided with a slender table and a tackboard for your poster. Your poster must conform to a 36 height x 48 width limit. This display could consist of a single-sheet poster or several sheets that are tacked onto the board with pushpins.

Please remain throughout your poster session and remove all materials immediately at the end of the allotted time.

SAM cannot provide laptops. If you are using a computer, you should plan on relying on battery power. AC power cannot be guaranteed. Audio or audio/video samples are welcome; however, you should bring headphones for listeners' use. Models worn outside the ear are preferred.

The poster should contain the following information: title, author, author's affiliation or home city, and a short abstract. Use photographs and visual materials. The abstract will be in the conference handbook, but we suggest that you have more detailed handouts to document your images and research findings. You might also bring a few copies of your entire paper to distribute to interested attendees (if applicable), or have a sign-up sheet to aid with later distribution of your research. Business cards are also handy.

Here are some websites that describe posters, although some of these sites are somewhat complicated. Perhaps your art department can help you create a poster. You might also check with Kinko's.