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Update your Directory information! Print or email the update form (.doc) and return it to the SAM Office via mail, fax, or email. We like to know about your interests, so make sure you include your interest codes on the form. Here is the SAM Directory Interest Tables to help you.

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SAM offers a range of individual and institutional memberships to meet the needs of scholars and organizations. Learn more about our membership options below.

Individual Memberships

Dues: Annual dues are as follows:

  • $40 for students (full-time, in residence, 5-year limit, ID REQUIRED)
  • $50 for retirees
  • $60 for those with annual income* less than $30,000
  • $75 for those with annual income* between $30,000 and $50,000
  • $85 for those with annual income* between $50,000 and $80,000
  • $95 for those with annual income* above $80,000
  • $40 for spouse/partner
  • $2,250 Lifetime Membership (one payment)
  • $500 Lifetime Membership (one of five annual installments)

* This refers to individual, not family, income.

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You may also print and mail a membership form.

Non-Academic Institutional Affiliate Memberships  NEW! 

This affiliate membership is designed to heighten the interaction between the broad base of our membership, which is primarily academic, and non-academic constituencies. More information.

Academic Institutional Memberships

Academic Institutional memberships are handled by Cambridge University Press. More information.

(Note for all memberships: Membership is based on the calendar year. Applications received after October 1st will start the following calendar year, unless otherwise specified. Those received prior to October 1st will begin retroactive to the beginning of the current year.)

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