Committees of SAM

Governance Council

Committee on Committee Governance: Charles Hiroshi Garrett, chair (2014-2015), Gayle Sherwood Magee (2014-2016), Judy Tsou (2013-2016), Travis Stimeling (2014-2016), Mariana Whitmer (ex officio)

Executive Committee: Judy Tsou, President, chair, Charles Hiroshi Garrett, President-elect, Kay Norton, Vice President, Neil Lerner, Secretary, and Sabine Feisst, Treasurer, Mariana Whitmer (ex officio)

Long-Range Planning Committee: Kay Norton, chair (2014-2016); Judy Tsou (2014-2016), Neil Lerner (2014-2016), Sabine Feisst (2014-2016), bruce mcclung (2014-2017), Carolyn Bryant (2014-2017), Nathan Platte (2014-2017), Mariana Whitmer (ex officio)

Finance Committee: Sabine Feisst, chair (2011-2013); Judy Tsou, Charles Hiroshi Garrett, Kay Norton, Neil Lerner, bruce mcclung, Mariana Whitmer

Development Committee: bruce mcclung, chair; Jim Cassaro, Maribeth Clark, Susan Key, Katherine Preston, Thomas Riis, Judy Tsou, Denise von Glahn, Mariana Whitmer (ex officio)

Nominating Committee: Christina Baade, chair (2014-2016), Daniel Goldmark, Naomi Andre, Doug Bomberger, Paul Laird.

Conference Site Selection Committee: Andrew Granade, chair (2013-2015); Laurie Blunsom (2013-2015), Lyn Burkett (2013-2015), Sarah Gerk (2014-2017), Jim Leve (2013-2016), Laura Moore  Pruett (2014-2017), Joice Gibson (ex officio)

Outreach Council (Mark Clague, Board Liaison)

Membership Committee: Jessica Sternfeld and Trudi Wright, co-chairs (2013-2015); Jane Ferencz (2014-2016), Jessica Getman (2014-2016), Sara Nodine (2013-2015), John Spilker (2013-2015), Jonas Westover (2014-2017)

Public Relations Committee: John Spilker, chair (2012-2015), Glenn Pillsbury (2013-2016), Everette Smith (2013-2016), Jeffrey Wright (2013-2016)

Cultural Diversity Committee: Lisa Barg, chair (2013-2015); Candace Bailey (2013-2017), Mark Burford (2013-2015), Tammy Kernodle (2014-2015), Gabriel Solis (2013-2016)

Education Committee: Dianna Eiland, chair (2012-2015), Doug Shadle (2014-2016), Stephen Shearon (2014-2015), Travis Stimeling (2014-2016)

Student Forum: Megan MacDonald and Megan Murph, Co-Chairs (2014-2015)

Forum on Early Career Professionals:John Spilker (2011-15) chair; Dana Gorzelany (2014-2017), Dan Blim (2015-2018)

Interest Group Council: John Koegel, chair (2013-2016); Council includes all Interest Group Chairs

Honors, Awards, and Subventions Council (Leta Miller, Board Liaison)

Service and Achievement Awards Committee: Susan Cook (2013-2015), chair; David Ake (2014-2017), George Ferencz (2013-2015), Ellie Hisama (2014-2017), Judith Tick (2013-2016)

H. Earle Johnson Publication Subvention: Beth Levy, chair (2013-2015), Emily Ansari (2013-2015), Julie Hubbert (2014-2016)

Sight and Sound Subvention: Brian Thompson, chair (2012-2015), Susan Key (2013-2016), Will Cheng (2013-2016)

Publications Council: Katherine K. Preston, chair (2013-2015); Karen Ahlquist, Ryan Bañagale, Mark Katz, Laura Pruett, John Koegel, Glenn Pillsbury, Marta Roberts, Trudy Wright, Mariana Whitmer (ex officio)

Silent Auction: Megan MacDonald and Megan Murph, Co-Chairs (2014-2015)