Society for American Music

Bulletin, Volume XXVII, no. 1 (Spring 2001)


25-28 October 2001: Society for Ethnomusicology
2001 Annual Meeting, The Westin Hotel, Southfield, Michigan; Special activities include two major concerts featuring Detroit's musical heritage, an afternoon "urban ethnography" tour of Detroit, and a continuous evening shuttle for conferees who wish to explore Detroit's downown.

6-10 March 2002: The Society for American Music
SAM will hold its twenty-eight national conference in Lexington, Kentucky. Seeking to present a stimulating meeting that reflects the wide variety of research and performance interests within the Society, the program committee welcomes proposals for papers, sessions, and performances involving any aspect of music in Canada, the United States, and the Americas. Given the conference location, the program committee encourages submissions that deal with the musical traditions and culture of the South, in general, and Kentucky, in particular.

The committee also encourages submissions that address American music, broadly defined, in an interdisciplinary context and explores the mediation of musical practices through recording, radio, television and film. As recommended in the Society's Long Range Plan, the program committee seeks submissions in alternative formats such as panels, roundtables, positions papers with respondents, workshops, mixed performance/discussion sessions, and complete sessions involving particular themes or issues. Presenters do not need to be members of the Society, but are required to register for the entire conference. Individual or joint papers should be no longer than twenty minutes. Performances should be no longer than thirty minutes and may include a lecture component. Performances are not remunerated. Submissions must include six copies of a proposal (500 words maximum) and an abstract (100 words maximum) suitable for publication in the conference program. One copy of the proposal should include name(s), address(es), phone number(s), email address(es), and a list of audio-visual requirements. Proposals for performances without a lecture component need only include a 100-word abstract; all performance proposals must include five copies of an audiocassette tape. For complete sessions or proposals involving unusual formats, the proposer should include an additional statement explaining the format and the rational for the session. Individual papers or performances in such sessions should fllow the guidelines for individual sbmission, but all should be included in one envelope. Please include two self-addressed stamped envelopes.

The committee would like to encourage proposals from persons who did not present at the 2000 meeing in Toronto and Trinidad/Tobago, but all proposals will be considered and judged primarily on merit. All materials must be postmarked on or before 1 September and should be sent to Susan C. Cook, School of Music, 455 N. Park Street, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin 53706.

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