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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 10, No. 1 (Spring 1992)

Two Musical Idealists--Charles Ives and E. Robert Schmitz:		1
A Friendship Reconsidered
Ronald V. Wieckl

Frederick Stock and American Music					20
Dena J. Epstein

Music at the University of Buffalo--The Baird Years			53
Sharon G. Almquist

The Ironbridge Letters							80
Stephen Banfield	

BOOK REVIEWS Miles Davis with Quincy Troupe, Miles: The Autobiography 89 Scott DeVeaux Richard Crawford, R. Allen Lott, and Carol J. Oja, ed., A Celebration 94 of American Music: Words and Music in Honor of H. Wiley Hitchcock Mark DeVoto Mark Slobin, Chosen Voices: The Story of the American Cantorate 95 Arbie Orenstein Michael J. Alexander, The Evolving Keyboard Style of Charles Ives 98 Geoffrey Block Ronald V. Ratcliffe, Steinway; Craig H. Roell, The Piano 100 in America, 1890-1940 Cynthia Adams Hoover
RECORD REVIEWS Thomas Vennum, Jr., ed., Ojibway Music from Minnesota: A Century of 103 Song for Voice and Drum. Philip Nusbaum, ed., Norwegian-American Music from Minnesota: Old-Time and Traditional Favorite Paula J. Johnson William Grant Still, Afro-American Symphony; and Henry Hadley, 106 Salome. William Grant Still, Suite for Violin and Piano; Songs of Separation; Incantation and Dance; Here's One; Summerland; Citadel; Song for the Lonely; Out of the Silence; Ennaga. J. Rosamond Johnson, arr. Still, Lift Every Voice and Sing Guthrey P. Ramsey, Jr. Steven Reich, Different Trains; Electric Counterpoint 109 Brent Heisinger Charlie Parker, Charlie Parker: The Complete Savoy Studio Sessions 111 Richard K. Spottswood Tod Machover, Flora; Towards the Center; Famine; Bug-Mudra 112 Richard S. James Stephen Foster, Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts: Melodies 115 of Stephen Foster Paul Charosh

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