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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 10, No. 2 (Summer 1992)

"Popular" and "Classical" in the Mid-Nineteenth Century			117
Paul Charosh

The Musical Play Expands						136
Larry Stempel

Theodore Thomas's "March to the Sea"					170
Leslie Petteys

The Polka Mass: Music of the Postmodern Ethnicity			183
Robert Walser

Carlos Chavez's Phantom Harp Concerto					203
Robert L. Parker

BOOK REVIEWS Eileen Southern and Josephine Wright, comp., 217 African-American Traditions in Song, Sermon, Tale, and Dance, 1600s-1920: An Annotated Bibliography of Literature, Collections, and Artworks Dena J. Epstein Philip Furia, Poets of Tin Pan Alley 219 Martin William
RECORD REVIEWS Jazz PIano: A Smithsonian Collection, selected by 223 Martin Williams Jon Newsom John Knowles Paine, St. Peter: an oratorio. Amy 229 Beach, Grand Mass in E-flat Major Adrienne Fried Block Lukas Foss, Renaissance Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, 232 Salomon Rossi Suite, and Orpheus and Euridice Joshua Berrett CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol. 1: Larry Austin, Sinfonia 234 Concertante: A Mozartian Episode, Sonata Concertante; Thomas Clark, Peninsula; Jerry Hunt, Fluud; Paul Winsor, Dulcimer Dreams. Vol. 2: Richard Teitelbaum, Golem 1; Martin Bresnick, Lady Neil's Dumpe; Neil B. Rolnick, What is the Use?; Rick Baitz, Kaleidocycles; Scott Lindroth, Syntax Joseph Rothstein

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