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Table of Contents: Volume 10, No. 3 (Fall 1992)

George Ives's Essay in Music Theory: An Introduction and		239
Annotated Edition
Carol K. Baron

"Play That Barber Shop Chord": A Case for the African-American		289
Origin of Barbershop Harmony
Lynn Abbott

Motivic Development in Amy Beach's Variations on Balkan			326
Themes, op. 60
E. Douglas Bomberger

The Band of Music of the First Battalion of Free Men of Color		348
and the Siege of New Orleans, 1814-1815
Charles E. Kinzer

BOOK REVIEWS Allen Perdue Britton and Irving Lowens, completed by Richard Crawford, 370 American Sacred Music Imprints 1698-1810: A Bibliography David P. McKay David Nicholls, American Experimental Music, 1890-1940 373 David J. Metzer George Seltzer, Music Matters: The Performer and the 376 American Federation of Musicians Thomas J. Riis Carol June Bradley, American Music Librarianship: 378 A Biographical and Historical Survey Charles Lindahl
RECORD REVIEWS Copland on Compact Disc, I: Chamber Music 381 Larry Starr Howard Hanson, Symphony no. 3; Fantasy Variations on a 386 Theme of Youth (1951); Symphony no. 6. Symphony no. 1; Elegy in Memory of Serge Koussevitzky; Symphony no. 2 Edith Borroff The Complete Stax/Volt Singles: 1959-1968 387 Ted Schwartz

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