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Table of Contents: Volume 11, No. 3 (Fall 1993)

Music in Winchester, Massachusetts: A Community Portrait,		263
Ellen Knight

David McKenna's Performance of "Have You Met Miss Jones?"		283
Steve Larson

Death and the Rhythm-and-Bluesman: The Life and Recordings of		316
Johnny Ace
James M. Salem

On Beach's Variations on Balkan Themes, op. 60 368 Adrienne Fried Block Reply E. Douglas Bomberg
BOOK REVIEWS George Perle, The Listening Composer 372 Mark DeVoto Frank Buchmann-Moller, You Just Fight for Your Life; 374 You Got To Be Original, Man!; Lewis Porter, ed., A Lester Young Reader Dale Cockrell, ed., Excelsior: Journals of the Hutchinson 377 Family Singers, 1842-1846 Michael Broyles Josephine Wright, ed., with Samuel A. Floyd, Jr., New 380 Perspectives on Music: Essays in Honor of Eileen Southern Marsha J. Reisser Christopher Sawryer-Laucanno, An Invisible Spectator: 383 A Biography of Paul Bowles Gena Dagel Caponi Lionel Hampton with James Haskins, Hamp: An Autobiography; 386 Mel Torme, Traps, The Drum Wonder: The Life of Buddy Rich Robert H. Rossberg
RECORD REVIEWS Bessie Smith, The Complete Recordings, vols. 1-3 388 Flo Martin

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