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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 1, No. 2 (Summer 1983)

John Cage and Lejaren Hiller: HPSCHD, 1969				1
Stephen Husarik

The First Hundred Years of the American Lyric Theater			22
Julian Mates								

John Rowe Parker and A Musical Biography				39
John A. Cuthbert

A White Origin for the Black Spiritual? An Invalid Theory and 
How it Grew								53
Dena Epstein

Jazz and the Concert Halls: The Eddie Condon Concerts, 1942-1948	60
William Howland Kenney III

BOOK REVIEWS Thomas G. Burton, ed., Tom Ashley, Sam McGee, Bukka White: 73 Tennessee Traditional Singers Bill C. Malone Norm Cohen, Long Steel Rail: The Railroad in American Folksong 75 Lester S. Levy Drew Page, Drew's Blues: A Sideman's LIfe with the Big Bands 76 Arnold Shaw Edward A. Berlin, Ragtime: A Musical and Cultural History 77 Gilbert Chase Harry H. Hall, A Johhy Reb Band from Salen 80 Frank J. Cipolla Ronald L. Davis, A History of Music in American Life 81 Vol. 2: The Guilded Years, 1865-1920 Nicolas Tawa John C. Schmidt, The LIfe and Works of John Knowles Paine 83 William K. Kearns Carol Brink, Harps in the Wind: The Singing Hutchinsons of 85 New Hampshire Dale Cockrell Ellen Jane Lorenz, Glory, Hallelujah: The Story of the Camp 86 Meeting Spiritual Alan Burchner Samuel J. Rogal, Sisters of Sacred Song: A Catalogue of British 88 and American Women Hymnodists. A Selected Listing of Women Hynodists in Great Britain and America Leonard Ellington Christine Ammer, Unsung: A History of Women in American 88 Music Carolyn Raney Eddie S. Meadows, Theses and Dissertations on Black American Music 91 James R. Heintze The Musician's Guide, 6th edition 92 Ned Quist The American Musical Directory, 1861 93 H. Earle Johnson Charlotte J. Frisbie, ed., Southwestern Indian Ritual Drama 94 Willard Rhodes Marcia Herndon, Native American Music 97 Willard Rhodes Dika Newlin, Schoenberg Rememberd: Diaries and Recollections (1938-1976)97 R. John Specht David M. Thompson, A History of Harmonic Theory in the United States 100 G. Thaddeus Jones Joy Carden, Music in Lexington before 1840 103 Nancy R. Ping-Robbins John Donald Robb, Hispanic Folk Music of New Mexico and the Southwest: 102 A Self-Portrait Manual Pena John Ogasapian, Henry Erben: Portrait of a Nineteenth-Century American 105 Organ Builder Barbara Owen
RECORD REVIEWS Cecil Effinger, Paul of Tarsus 106 R. John Specht Music for Flute and Strings by Three Americans 107 Thomas E. Warner Music for Percussion 108 Terry L. Applebaum Recorded Music by Henry Cowell 109 Bruce Saylor The Great American Fiddle Collection 111 David L. Oakley John Downey, Strong Quartet no. 2; Ben Johnston, String 112 Quartet no. 4; Ruch Crawford Seeger, String Quartet (1931) Mary Wallace Davidson James Drew, The Orangethorpe Aria; Lloyd Rodgers, Trio 113 (1975); Rebecca Clarke, Trio; Katherine Hoover, Trio (1978) Sylvia Glickman Song Cycles for Soprano Plus ... 115 Eric L. Dalheim

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