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Table of Contents: Volume 12, No. 1 (Spring 1994)

Minstrel and Classic Banjo: American and English Connections		1
Robert B. Winans and Elias J. Kaufman

The Musical Huss Family in America					31
Gary A. Greene

Jazz in Barbados							58
Warren R. Pinckney Jr.

BOOK REVIEWS Rick Altman, The American Film Musical 88 Gillian B. Anderson William K. Kearns, Horatio Parker, 1863-1919: His Life, 89 Music, and Ideas; Victor Fell Yellin, Chadwick: Yankee Composer Pamela Fox B.F. White, The Sacred Harp (revised eidtion); Buell 93 E. Cobb, Jr., The Sacred Harp: A Tradition and Its Music Ron Pen Karen Linn, That Half-Barbaric Twang: The Banjo in 98 in American Popular Culture Thomas S. Brown Evelyn Davis Culbertson, He Heard America Singing: Arthur 101 Farwell, Composer and Crusading Music Education David Hall Ray Pratt, Rhythm and Resistance: Explorations in the 105 Political Uses of Popular Music; Timothy E. Scheurer, Born in the U.S.A.: The Myth of America from Colonial Times to the Present Robbie LEiberman Will Friedwald, Jazz Singing: America's Great Voices from 108 Bessie Smith to BEbop and Beyond Horace Clarence Boyer Holly Near, with Derk Richardson, Fire in the Rain ... 109 Singer in the Storm: An Autobiography Susan C. Cook Wayne W. Daniel, Pickin' on Peachtree: A History of Country 112 Music in Atlanta, Georgia John W. Rumble Barry Lee Pearson, Virginia Piedmont Blues: The Lives and 115 Art of Two Virginia Bluesmen J. Vaughan Webb
RECORD REVIEWS Pioneers of Electronic Music 118 Joseph Rothstein Leopold Godowsky, Original Works and Transcriptions 121 Kate Rivers

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