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Table of Contents: Volume 12, No. 4 (Winter 1994)

Apollo in Athens: Otto Dresel and Boston, 1850-90			345
David Francis Urrows

Ive's Celestial Railroad and His Fourth Symphony			389
Thomas M. Brodhead

William Grant Still's Choral Ballad And They Lynched			425
Him on a Tree
Wayne D. Shirley

BOOK REVIEWS Paul Kingsbury and Alan Axelrod, eds., Country: The 462 Music and the Musicians Paul F. Wells Ellen E. Knight, Charles Martin Loeffler: A Life Apart 465 in American Music Donna K. Anderson Bernice Johnson Reagon, ed., We'll Understand It Better 467 By and By: Pioneering African American Gospel Composers Mel R. Wilhoit
RECORD REVIEWS Richard Peaslee, Stonehenge; The Carousel Suite 471 Joe Brumbeloe Charles Wuorinen, Sonata for Violin and Piano; Third 472 String Quartet; and Fast Fantasy Laurel A. MacAdam

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