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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 1, No. 3 (Fall 1983)

Image and Stereotype: Bluegrass Sound Tracks				1
Neil V. Rosenberg

Leopold Stokowski: A Re-Evaluation					23
William A. Smith								

Music and the Reed Organ in the Life of Mark Twain			38
James Howard Richards

Raynor Taylor								48
Victor Fell Yellin

Ananias Davisson, Robert Boyd, Reubin Monday, John Martin, and 
Archibald Rhea in East Tennessee, 1816-26				72
David W. Music

BOOK REVIEWS Nicholas E. Tawa, Sweet Songs for Gentle Americans: The Parlor Song 85 in America, 1790-1860 Joseph Byrd Stanley Green, The World of Musical Comedy 87 Richard J. Kislan Gordon W. Hodgins, The Broadway Musical: A Complete LP Discography 88 J.F. Weber Katherine Gladney Wells, Symphony and Song: The Saint Louis Symphony: The First Hundred Years 90 Ezra Schabas Susan Caust Farrell, Dictionary of Contemporary American Musical Instrument Makers 92 Andre P. Larson Richard Crawford, A Historian's Introduction to Early American Music 93 Carleton Sprague Smith James J. Fuld and Mary Wallace Davidson, Eighteenth-Century American Secular Music Manuscripts: An Inventory; and Kate van Winkle Keller, Popular Secular Music in America Through 1800: A Checklist of Manuscripts in North American Collections 94 Carolyn Rabson Richard Crawford, Andrew Law, American Psalmodist 96 Nym Cooke Portia K. Maultsby, Afro-American Religious Music: A Study in Diversity 97 George L. Starks, Jr. Margaret McKee and Fred Chisenhall, Beale Black & Blue: Life and Music on Black America's Main Street 98 Lawrence Gushee Robert Matthew-Walker, Elvis Presley: A Study in Music; Neil and Janice Gregory, When Elvis Died; and Albert Goldman, Elvis 99 Peter Gammond David King Dunaway, How Can I Keep from Singing: Pete Seeger 102 Robert B. Winans James K. Lyon, Bertold Brecht in America 104 Kim H. Kowalke Richard Loucks, Arthur Shepherd, American Composer 107 Frank Hruby Helga James, A Catalog of the Musical Works of Philip James (1890-1975) 108 Ruth Hilton
RECORD REVIEWS Henry Mollicone, The Face on the Barroom Floor; Lukas Foss, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird 110 Eric Dalheim The Jim and Jesse Story 111 Bruce A. Miller

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