The Society for American Music

American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 1, No. 4 (Winter 1983)

Music Publishing in America

A Special Issue Edited by D.W. Krummel
Introduction									1

Andrew Wright: Northampton Music Printer					5
Paul R. Osterhout				

The Search for William Cumming Peters						27
Richard D. Wetzel

From "Hawk-Eye March and Quick Step" to "Caprice Hongrois":			42
Music Publishing in Iowa
Diane Parr Walker

The Amazing Mr. Cowell								63
Rita H. Mead

Sheet Music Buffs and Their Collections: A Personal Memoir			90
Lester S. Levy

BOOK REVIEWS William Billings, The New-England Psalm-Singer, ed. by Karl Kroeger 100 Nicholas Temperley John H. Baron, comp., Piano Music from New Orleans, 1851-1898 106 J. Bunker Clark Richard Middleton and David Horn, eds., Popular Music 1: Folk or Popular? 107 Distinctions, Influences, Continuities Norm Cohen J. Heywood Alexander, It Must be Heard: A Survey of the Musical Life of 110 Cleveland, 1836-1918 Robert Finn
RECORD REVIEWS Flute Possibilities 112 Connie Nisbet Field Gamelan in the New World 113 Sue Carole de Vale

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