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Table of Contents: Volume 14, No. 2 (Summer 1996)

The Convivial Side of Scottish Psalm Tunes				141
Edward C. Wolf

Jim Crow, Demon of Disorder						161
Dale Cockrell

The World War I Army Bandsman: A Diary Account				185
by Philip James
D. Royce Boyer

The Carter Family on Border Radio					205
Ed Kahn

BOOK REVIEWS Charles Hamm, Putting Popular Music in Its Place 218 George Lipsitz James R. Heintze, ed., American Musical Life in 220 Context and Practice to 1865 Georgia B. Barnhill Karen J. Blair, The Torchbearers: Women and Their 222 Amateur Arts Associations in America, 1890-1930 Liane Curits Rick Kennedy, Jelly Role, Vix, and Hoagy: Gennett 225 Studios and the Birth of Recorded Jazz James Dapogny Frank J. Cipolla and Donald Hunsberger, eds., The 228 Wind Ensemble and Its Repertoire: Essays on the Fortieth Anniversary of the Eastman Wind Ensemble Kenneth Kreitner Tricia Rose, Black Noise: Rap Music and Black 231 Culture in Contemporary America Venise Berry Barry Shank, Dissonant Identities: The Rock 'n' 233 Roll Scene in Austin, Texas Victor Barac Barre Toelken, Morning Dew and Roses: Nuance, 236 Metaphor, and Meaning in Folksongs Peter Narvaez Bruno Nettl, Heartland Excursions: Ethnomuiscological 239 Reflections on Schools of Music Christopher Small
RECORD REVIEWS Dick Hyman, Dick Hyman Plays Duke Ellington; Dick 242 Hyman: From the Age of Swing Mark Tucker Miriam Gideon Retrospective 244 J. Michele Edwards The New York Composers Orchestra, First Program 247 in Standard Time Wayne PIerce Tan Dun, Snow in June 249 John Holzaepfel Nueva Espana: Close Encounters in the New World, 251 1590-1690 and Masterpieces of Mexican Polyphony John Koegel The Now and Present Flute, Monody 1, Conversations, 255 Intimate Exchanges, Scrivo in Vento, Sonatine, Tenderness of Cranes, Three Fugues and a Ground, and Phlue Catherine Parsons Smith

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