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Table of Contents: Volume 14, No. 3 (Fall 1996)

Mrs. Belmont, Matthew Perry, and the "Japanese Minstrel			257
Victor Fell Yellin

A Sense of Place: Charles Ives and Putnam's Camp,			276
Redding, Connecticut
Denise von Glahn Cooney

A National Band from the Southwest: The Don Albert			313
Christopher Wilkinson

Balancing Local and National Approaches at American			352
Fiddle Contests
Chris Goertzen

BOOK REVIEWS Dorothy Lamb Crawford, Evenings On and Off the 382 Roof: Pioneering Concerts in Los Angeles, 1939-1971 Catherine Parsons Smith Beverly Bush Patterson, The Sound of the Dove: 384 Singing in Appalachian Primitive Baptist Churches JEnnifer Rycenga Jonathon S. Epstein, ed., Adolescents and Their 387 Music: If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old; Andrew Ross and Tricia Rose, eds., MIcrophone Fiends: Youth Music and Youth Culture Joanna Bosse Joseph N. Straus, The Music of Ruth Crawford Seeger 389 Larry Polansky
RECORD REVIEWS Tod Dockstader, Water Music, Two Moons, Quatermass; 393 and Barton McLean, Rainforet Images Robert W. Butts

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