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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 15, No. 1 (Spring 1997)

First Forty: The Earliest American Compositions				1
Nicholas Temperley

"A Grand and Glorious Noise!": Charles Ives as Lyricist			26
H. Wiley Hitchcock

The League of Composers: The Initial Years				45
David Metzer

An American in Space: Henry Brant's "Spatial Music"			70
Maria Anna Harley

BOOK REVIEWS Vera Brodsky Lawrence, Reverberations, 1850-1856. 93 Strong on Music, vol. 2 Dena J. Epstein Elizabeth West Marvin and Richard Hermann, eds. 95 Concert Music, Rock, and Jazz since 1945: Essays and Analytical Studies David Brackett Ora Frishberg Saloman, Beethoven's Symphonies and 99 J.S. Dwight: The Birth of American Music Criticism Sanna Pederson Will Friedwald, Sinatra! The Song is You: 101 A Singer's Art. Steven Petkov and Leonard Mustazza, eds., The Frank Sinatra Reader. Ethlie Ann Vare, ed., Legend: Frank Sinatra and the American Dream Keir Keightley Krin Gabbard, ed., Representing Jazz. Krin 110 Gabbard, ed., Jazz among the Discourses Ingrid Monson
RECORD REVIEWS Ernest Bloch, Sonata for Piano (1935) and Works 114 by Ruggles, Reale, and Lipkis Douglas A. Lee Robert Hall Louis, Invenzione; Diptychon for Nine 116 Players; Kantaten; Symphony no. 4 Wayne Pierce David Macbride, Three Dances for String Quartet; 118 Chartres JOhn Holzaepfel Summet for Brass: American Tribute: Dan Welcher, 120 Castle Creek Fanfare; John Cheetham, Keystone Celebration; David Sampson, Reflections on a Dance; John Stevens, Moondance; Joseph Schwantner, Fanfare for D.H.; Donald Erb, Sonneries; Gunther Schuller, Symphony for Brass and Percussion Charles P. Conrad

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