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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 15, No. 2 (Summer 1997)

"Hail to the Chief": The Origins and Legacies of an			123
American Ceremonial Tune
Elise K. Kirk

Some Ramblings on Robert Johnson's Mind: Critical			137
Analysis and Aesthetic Value in Delta Blues
James Bennighof

The "Faerie Queene" and the "Archangel": The Correspondence		159
of Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge and Carl Engel
Cyrilla Barr

Swing and the Lindy Hop: Dance, Venue, Media, and Tradition		183
Howard Spring

Sources of American Styles in the Music of the Beatles			208
Charles Gower Price

BOOK REVIEWS S. Frederick Starr, Bamboula!: The Life and Times of 233 Louis Moreau Gottschalk Victor Fell Yellin George Lipsitz, Dangerous Crossroads: Popular Music, 238 Postmodernism, and the Poetics of Place Jocelyne Guilbault James Pritchett, The Music of John Cage. David 242 Revill, The Roaring Silence: A Biography of John Cage William Brooks Thomas Owens, Bebop: The Music and Its Players 249 Travis A. Jackson Charles Keil and Steven Feld, Music Grooves 252 David Ake Bill Milkowski, Jaco: The Extraordinary and Tragic Life 254 of Jaco Pastorius, "The World's Greatest Bass Player" Chris Kase
RECORD REVIEWS Donald Martino, Fantasies and Impromptus. Pianississimo. 256 Suite in Old Form Douglas A. Lee Anthony Plog, Colors for Brass: Music for Brass Octet. 258 Mini-Variations of Amazing Grace. Animal Ditties. Concerto for Trumpet, Brass Ensemble, and Percussion Charles P. Conrad American Journey: Poetry and Song in the Twentieth 259 Century Linda Pohly Contemporary American Piano Trios 260 Joe Brumbeloe Hum. John Cage, Third Construction. 262 Talujon, On the One. Paul Guerguerian, So She Shines (Thanks John). Steve Reich, Drumming Part I. Dean Drummon, Dirty Ferdie. Talujon, Their Four and Sow Three James A. Strain

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