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Table of Contents: Volume 15, No. 3 (Fall 1997)

"Breathing the Indian Spirit": Thoughts on Musical Borrowing and the		265
"Indianist" Movement in American Music
Tara Browner

"Straight-Fashioned Melodies": The Transatlantic Interplay of American		285
Music in Zimbabwe
Linda F. Williams

Shapers of American Jewish Music: Mailamm and the Jewish			305
Music Forum, 1931-62
Irene Heskes

"An English Composers Sees America": Benjamin Britten and the North		321
American Press, 1939-1942
Suzanne Robinson

Partnership in Modern Music: Charles Seeger and Ruth Crawford, 1929-31		352
Nancy Yunhwa Rao

"Harlem Renaissance Man" Revisited: The Politics of Race and Class		381
in William Grant Still's Late Career
Catherine Parsons Smith

BOOK REVIEWS Donald W. Fostle, The Steinway Saga: An American Dynasty; Richard 407 K. Lieberman, Steinway & Sons Stuart De Ocampo Humphrey Burton, Leonard Bernstein; William Westbrook Burton, 409 Conversations About Bernstein Byron Adams
RECORD REVIEWS Gunther Schuller, Three Concertos: Concerto no. 1 for Horn and 413 Orchestra, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra Norbert Carnovale In Memoriam William Hibbard (1939-1989), Kamran Ince, Waves 415 of Taya, Hammer Music, Night Music, Night Passage, Cross Scintillations; Godfrey/Schwartz Frank: Music for Strings and Mallet Percussion, Featuring Marimolin, Steven Schick, and the Jennings Quartet, Sonor Ensemble of the University of San Diego Marshall Bialosky Tania Leon, Indigena; Parajota Delate; Ritual; A la par; Batey 421 Walter Aaron Clark Ebony Concerto. Igor Stravinsky, Ebony Concerto; 422 Victor Babin, Hillandale Waltzes; Morton Gould, Derivations for Clarinet and Band; Leonard Bernstein, Prelude, Fugue and Riffs; Artie Shaw, Concerto for Clarinet Kevin L. Cox

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