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Table of Contents: Volume 16, No. 1 (Spring 1998)

John Philip Sousa's El Capitan: Political Appropriation				1
and the Spanish-American War				
Carol Hess

Re-Masculating Jazz: Ornette Coleman, "Lonely Woman," and the 			25
New York Jazz Scene in the Late 1950s
David Ake

Longfellow, Robert Stoepel, and an Early Musical Setting of Hiawatha		45
Michael V. Pisani

BOOK REVIEWS David W. Stowe, Swing Changes: Big-Band Jazz in New Deal America 87 Scott Deveaux Robert Cantwell, When We Were Good: The Folk Revival 91 Philip V. Bohlman Samuel A. Floyd Jr., The Power of Black Music: Interpreting Its 95 History from Africa to the United States Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr. William H.A. Williams, 'Twas Only an Irishman's Dream 98 Peter Antelyes Thomas L. Riis, The Music and Scripts of "In Dahomey" 102 Marva Griffin Carter
RECORDING REVIEWS Shulamit Ran, Concerto da camera II; Hyperbolae; 105 Apprehensions; Private Game. Music by Shulamit Ran. Da Capo Chamber Players, Concerto da camera II; East Wind; Inscriptions; Mirage; For an Actor; Monologue for Clarinet. J. Michelle Edwards Tan Dun, On Taoism; Orchestral Theatre 1; Death 108 and Fire--Dialogue with Paul Klee. William A. Everett Roberto Sierra, A Joyous Overture. Troicalia. 110 Idilio. SASIMA. Preambulo. Walter Aaron Clark Musicians' Accord Perform Chamber Music with Voice (& a Little Jazz). 111 Selia Silver. Canto. Richard Kassel. Gathering and Celebrating the Year of the Wild Mountain Boar .... Christine Schadeberg. Res Facta. Laura Kaminsky. Twilight Settings Wayne Schneider Jerome Moross, Symphony no. 1; The Last Judgement; 113 Variations on a Waltz for Orchestra Kay Norton Aaron Copland, Grohg -- Ballet in One Act. Prelude for Chamber 114 Orchestra Roberta L. Lindsey Kaleidoscope: Music by African-American Women 116 Rae Linda Brown New Sounds from the Village and The University of Iowa Center 119 for New Music: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary (1966-1991) Elliott Schwartz The London Philharmonic Celebrates American Composers and Stephen Paulus, 123 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra; Concertante; Symphony for Strings David Nicholls Donald Martino, Notturno. Pianississimo. Triple Concerto. 125 Twelve Preludes for Piano Solo Louis Goldstein MMC Bratislava Series. Silent Whispers. 128 Marshall Bialosky John Cage, Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano 130 Larry J. Solomon

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