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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 16, No. 4 (Winter 1998)

"We Insist--Freedom Now!": Black Moral Authority, Jazz, and the				375
Changeable Shape of Whiteness									
Robert K. McMichael

The Winner Loses: Ernest Bloch and His America						417
Charles Brotman

Making America More Musical through the Phonograph, 1900-1930				448
Mark Katz

BOOK REVIEWS Richard A. Peterson, Creating Country Music: Fabricating Authenticity 477 Philip Vandermeer Sheila Whiteley, ed., Sexing the Groove: Popular Music and Gender 479 Renee Lapp Norris Donna Staley Kline, An American Virtuoso on the World Stage: 483 Olga Samaroff Stokowski Joanne E. Swenson-Eldridge Simon Firth, Performing Rites: On the Value of Popular Music 485 Arthur Knight Theodore Gracyk, Rhythm and Noise: An Aesthetics of Rock, and 487 John Covach and Graeme M. Boone, eds., Understanding Rock: Essays in Musical Analysis Donald C. Meyer

RECORDING REVIEWS Dallas Wind Symphony, Trittico and Fiesta! 492 Raoul F. Camus Tom Johnson, Rational Melodies 494 Elliott Schwartz Brass Ring, New American Classics Written for Brass Ring and 495 EKU Brass, Menagerie Alfred J. Lang

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