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Table of Contents: Volume 17, No. 3 (Fall 1999)

Rethinking Issues of Gender and Sexuality in Led Zeppelin: A Woman's		245
View of Pleasure and Power in Hard Rock
Susan Fast

The Use of Habanera Rhythm in Rockabilly Music					300
Roy Brewer

From Music Publishing to MP3: Music and Industry in the Twentieth Century	318
Reebee Garofalo

Marjorie Perloff and Charles Junkerman, eds.  John Cage: Composed in America	355
David Patterson

Edward Jablonski, Irving Berlin: American Troubadour				357
David A Jasen and Gene Jones, Spreadin' Rhythm Around: Black Popular 
Songwriters, 1880-1930
Ann Sears

Larry Worster, Cecil Effinger: A Colorado Composer				361
Randy B. Kohlenberg, Harrison Kerr: Portrait of a Twentieth-Century 
American Composer
David Nicholls

Ethan Mordden, Coming Up Roses: The Broadway Musical in the 1950s		362
Mark Shaiman

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