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Table of Contents: Volume 17, No. 4 (Winter 1999)

"God's Gift to Us Girls": Crooning, Gender, and the Re-Creation			365
of American Popular Song, 1928-1933
Allison McCracken

Before the Deluge: The Technoculture of Song-Sheet Publishing 			396
Viewed from Late Nineteenth-Century Galveston
Leslie C. Gay Jr.					

"Dizzy Atmosphere": The Challenge of Bebop					422
Eric Porter

The Mistakes of Yesterday, the Hopes of Tomorrow: Prison, Pop			447
Music, and the Prisonaires
John Dougan

William Howland Kenney, Recorded Music in American Life:			469
The Phonograph and Popular Memory, 1890-1945
Mark Katz

His Majestie's Clerkes, Goostly Psalmes: Anglo-American Psalmody		472
from 1550 to 1800.  The Tudor Choir, The Shapenote Album.  
Village Harmony.  Endless Lights: Spiritual Songs by a New Generation.
Nym Cooke

Index										481

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