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Table of Contents: Volume 18, No. 3 (Fall 2000)

Toscanini and the Good Neighbor Policy: The NBC					233
Orchestra's 1940 South American Tour
Donald C. Meyer

The Compositional History of Aaron Copland's Symphonic Ode			257
Elizabeth Bergman Christ

"Might Take One Disc of This Trash as a Novelty": Early Recordings		278
by the Fisk Jubilee Singers and the Popularization of "Negro Folk Music"
Tim Brooks

Orlando Jacinto Garcia: Celestial Voices					317
Luke Howard

Alleluia: An American Hymnal							318
Robert M. Copeland

Robert Russell Bennett, Abraham Lincoln: A Likeness in				320
Symphony Form. Sights and Sounds (An Orchestral Entertainment).
Noah Andre Trudeau

John Cage, Two2 for two pianos.  John Cage, 					322
Sonatas and Interludes. John Cage: Litany for the Whale.		
David Patterson

Henry Cowell: Mosaic.								328
George Boziwick

Ives Plays Ives: The Composer at the Piano in Four Recording			331
Sessions, 1933-1943
David Nicholls

Horatio Parker: 21 Organ Works. As the Dew from Heaven Distilling:		333
Theme of the Mormon Tabernacle Radio Program & Horatio Parker/Eugene
Thayer Organ Sonatas & Chadwick, Boellmann, Bach, Parry, Franck.
William Kearns

Robert Starer, Kli Zemer (Concerto for Clarinet). Samson Agonistes		336
(Symphonic Portrait.  Concerto a Quattro. Annapolis Suite (Music for Brass
and Harp).
Alfred J. Lang

Virgil Thomson.  Symphony on a Hymn Tune, Symphony no. 2 in C			338
major. Symphony no. 3.  Pilgrims and Pioneers. 
Michael Meckna

Errata										341

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