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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 2, No. 1 (Spring 1984)

Irving Lowens									v

Disappointmen Revisited: Unweaving the Tangled Web. Part II			1

From the Medicine Show to the Stage: Some Influences Upon the Development	29
of a Blues Tradition in the Southeastern United States
Bruce Bastin

Alfredo Barili: Atlanta Musician, 1880-1935					43
N. Lee Orr

John Comfort Fillmore: A Student of Indian Music Reconsidered			61
James C. McNutt

Old Time Music in Northern Wisconsin						71
James P. Leary

The Folio of White, Smith and Company						88
H. Earle Johnson

BOOK REVIEWS Hugh M. Potter, False Dawn: Paul Rosenfeld and Art in America, 1916-1946 105 Charles L. P. Silet Charles L. P. Silet, The Writings of Paul Rosenfeld: An Annotated Bibliography 107 Arthur Berger Soundings. A Catalog of an Exhibition at the Neuberger Museum 109 David Tatham George Antheil, Bad Boy of Music 110 Linda Whitesitt David Walley, No Comercial Potential: The Saga of Frank Zappa, Then and Now 111 Steven P. Horowitz H. Stith Bennett, On Becoming a Rock Musician 112 K. Peter Etzkorn Matt Damsker, ed., Rock Voices: The Best Lyrics of an Era 113 William Graebner
RECORD REVIEWS Powerhouse of God: Primitive Baptist Hymns of the Blue Ridge; 115 and Children of the Heav'nly King William H. Tallmadge

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