The Society for American Music

American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 21, No. 2 (Summer 2003)

Louis Armstrong and the Clarinet
Brian Harker 137

Hot and Sweet: Big Band Music in Black West Virginia before
the Swing Era

Christopher Wilkinson 159

"Whatever Happened to Great Movie Music?": Cinéma Vérité and Hollywood Film Music of the Early 1970s
Julie Hubbert 180

"Some Kind of Wonderful": The Creative Legacy of the Brill Building
Ian Inglis 214


Richard Crawford, America's Musical Life: A History
Richard Crawford, An Introduction to America's Music
J. Heywood Alexander, ed., To Stretch Our Ears: A Documentary
History of America's Music

H. Wiley Hitchcock 236

Michael Hicks, Henry Cowell, Bohemian
Carol J. Oja, Making Music Modern: New York in the 1920s
Mina Yang 246

Steven Johnson, ed., The New York Schools of Music and Visual Arts
Eric Smigel 249

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