American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 21, No. 3 (Fall 2003)
Nineteenth-Century Special Issue
Co-Editor: Katherine K. Preston

American Musical Life of the Late Nineteenth Century
Katherine K. Preston 255
Taking the Private Public: Amateur Music-making and the
Musical Audience in 1860s New York

Christopher Bruhn 260
Anton Rubinstein in America (1872-1873)
R. Allen Lott 291
Chadwick's Melpomene and the Anxiety of Influence
E. Douglas Bomberger 319
Between the Cracks: The Performance of English-Language
Opera in Late Nineteenth-Century America

Katherine K. Preston 349
Sousa Marches Played by the Sousa Band: The Complete Commercial Recordings
Patrick Warfield 375
E. Douglas Bomberger, "A Tidal Wave of Encouragement":
American Composers'Concerts in the Gilded Age

Joseph Horowitz 381

Mark Slobin, Chosen Voices: The Story of the American Cantora;
Mark Slobin, ed., American Klezmer: Its Roots and Offshoots
Norm Cohen 384

Gerald Milnes, Play of a Fiddle: Traditional Music, Dance, and
Folklore in West Virginia

Eric S. Strother 387

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