American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 22, No.1 (Spring 2004)
Music and Moving Image Special Issue

Co-Editors: Gillian B. Anderson, Thomas L. Riis,
and Ronald H. Sadoff



Gillian B. Anderson, Thomas L.. Riis, and Ronald H. Sadoff 1


Aesthetics and Rhetoric
Claudia Gorbman 14

Discordant Visions: The Peculiar Musical Images of the Soundies Jukebox Film
Amy Herzog 27

Irving Berlin in Hollywood: The Art of Plugging a Song in Film
Charlotte Greenspan 40

So Much "More": The Music of Dick Tracy (1990)
Steve Swayne 50

Composition by Corporate Committee: Recipe for Cliche
Ronald H. Sadoff 64

Nor the Eye Filled with Seeing: The Sound of Vision in Film
Stan Link 76

Playing in 'Toon: Walt Disney's Fantasia (1940) and the Imagineering of Classical Music
Mark Clague 91

Animated Sound and Beyond
Robert Russett 110

Merging Genres in the 1940s: The Musical and the Dramatic Feature Film
David Neumeyer 122

History, The Sound of Music, and Us
Raymond Knapp 133

Cabaret, America's Weimar, and Mythologies of the Gay Subject
Mitchell Morris 145

"The Land of Rape and Honey": The Use of World War II Propaganda in the Music Videos of Ministry and Laibach
Jason J. Hanley 158

A Picture Is Worth 1000 CDs: Can the Music Industry Survive as a Stand-alone Business?
Catherine Mmoore 176


Steven Cohan, ed., Hollywood Musicals, The Film Reader;
Kay Dickinson, ed., Movie Music, The Film Reader
Daniel Goldmark 187

Larry M. Timm, The Soul of Cinema: An Appreciation of Film Music
Neil Lerner 189


Music from the Ether: Original Works for Theremin
Warren Brodsky 192

George Antheil: Symphonies and Other Works
Mauro Piccinini 197

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