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Table of Contents: Volume 3, No. 2 (Summer 1985)

Opera in Colonial Boston						133
David McKay

Musical Expression on the Great Plains: Nebraska, 1854-1904		143

A.N. Johnson, Out of Oblivion						152
Jacklin Bolton Stopp

Jazz: What Happened in Kansas City?					171
Martin Williams

The Great Songwriters of Tin Pan Alley's Golden Age:			180
A Social, Occupational, and Aesthetic Inquiry
Edward Pessen

Copland, Sessions, and Modern Music: The Rise of the			198
Composer-Critic in America
Michael Meckna

John Cage at Seventy: An Interview					205
Stephen Montague

COMMUNICATIONS A Reconsideration of Fillmore Reconsidered 217 Hewitt Pantaleoni Reply to Pantaleoni 229 James C. McNutt BOOK REVIEWS D.W. Krummel, JEan Geil, Doris J. Dyen, and Deane L. Root, 232 Resources of American Music History Charles Hamm Alton C. Morris, ed., Folksongs of Florida 235 Doris J. Dyen Francis Harper and Delma E. Presley, Ofefinokee Album 235 Doris J. Dyen Robert Cain, Whole Lotta Shakin; Goin' On: Jerry Lee Lewis; 236 Robert Palmer, Jerry Lee Lewis Rocks!; Nich Tosches, Hellfire: The Ferry Lee Lewis Story; and, Myra Lewis, with Murray Silver, Great Balls of Fire: The Uncensured Story of Jerry Lee Lewis B. Lee Cooper David Ewen, American Composers: A Biographical Dictionary; 238 E. Ruth Anderson, comp., Contemporary American Composers: A Biographical Dictionary, 2nd ed.; and Neil Butterworth, A Dictionary of American Composers Ned Quist Linda I. Solow, ed., The Boston Composers Project: A Bibliography 240 of Contemporary Music Charles Ellis
RECORD REVIEWS Leon Kirchner, Sonata; Seymour Shifrin, Responses; 242 Milton Babbitt, Three Compositions for Piano; Bela Bartok, Sonata; and Roger Sessions, Five Pieces for Piano; Miriam Gideon, Sonata for Piano; Ben Weber, Variazioni quasi una fantasia Robert Weirich George Gershwin, Porgy and Bess in Concert, Overture to Girl 244 Crazy, and The New York Banjo Ensemble Plays Gershwin Lawrence Starr Alexander Reinagle, Four Sonatas 246 Robert Hopkins Jubilee to Gospel: A Selection of Commercially Recorded 247 Black Religious Music, 1921-1953 Mellonee Burnim Leon Stein, Sextet for Alto Saxophone and Woodwind Quintet; 249 Paul Creston, Suite for Alto Saxophone and Piano; Bernhard Heiden, Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano Joseph Wytko Sentimental Songs of the Mid-19th Century: Stephen C. Foster, 251 Henry Clay Work, George F. Root A Gottschalk Festival: The Complete Works for Piano & Orchestra 253 Richard Jackson

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