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Table of Contents: Volume 3, No. 4 (Winter 1985)

A Preliminary Chronology of the Early Career of Ferd "Jelly Roll" Morton	389
Lawrence Gushee

The Musical Theater of Marc Blitzstein						413
John D. Shout

Synchonized Sound and Movie-House Musicians, 1926-29				429
Preston J. Hubbard

Jesse B. Aikin and The Christian Minstrel					442
Paul G. Hammond

Charles Martin Loeffler and George Gershwin: A Forgotten Friendship		452
Ellen Knight

Music in Kansas City Grade Schools from 1870 to 1900:				460
A Study of Organization and Growth
Geoerge N. Heller

Milton Babbitt on Milton Babbitt						467
Anne Swartz

BOOK REVIEWS John McGreevy, ed., Glenn Gould: Variations: by Himself and His Friends; 474 and, Jonathan Cott, Conversations with Glenn Gould Virginia Eskin and Phyllis Planta Ronald L. Davis, A History of Music in American Life, vol. 1 477 The Formative Years Karl Kroeger Judith Tick, American Women Composers Before 1870 478 Deborah Hayes Anya Laurence, Women of Notes: 1,000 Women Women Composers Born before 479 1900; Judith Lang Zaimont and Karen Famera, comps., Contemporary Concert Music by Women: A Directory of the Composers and Their Works; Miriam Stewart-Green, Women Composers: A Checklist of Works for the Solo Voice; and Don L. Hixon and Don Hennessee, Womin in Music: A Bibliography Sam Dennison Carol J. Oja, comp., Stravinsky in Modern Music (1924-1946) 482 Frank Hoogerwerf Dan Stehman, Roy Harris: An American Musical Pioneer 483 Ezra Schabas Ed Robbin, Woody Guthrie and Me: An Intimate Reminiscence; and Joe Klein, 485 Woody Guthrie: A Life Bill C. Malone William W. Savage, Jr., Singing Cowboys and All That Jazz: A Short History of 486 Popular Music in Oklahoma Ronald D. Cohen Frank W. Hoogerwerf, Confederate Sheet-Music Imprints 487 Ned Quist Anne Warner and Jerome S. Epstein (music ed.), Traditional American Folk 488 Songs from the Anne & Frank Warner Collection Arthur Schrader Jack Kreitzer and Susan Braunstein, eds., A Living Tradition: South Dakota 490 Songwriter's Songbook, vol. 1 Paul W. Cherry William Ferris and Mary L. Hart, eds., Folk Music and Modern Sound 490 Robert B. Winans Jeff Todd Titon, James T. Koetting, David P. McAllester, David Rock, and Mark 492 Slobin, Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples Daniel Kingman Russell Sanjek, From Print to Plastic: Publishing and Promoting America's 494 Popular Music (1900-1980) Richard Jackson Guy Claude Balmir, Du Chant au poeme: Essai de litterature sur le chant et la 495 poesie populaires des noirs americains Andre Prevos
RECORD REVIEWS William Albright, Pianoagogo; Five Chromatic Dances; and Alvin Brehm, 497 Metamorphy; Richard Kapp, Kleine Welten Robert Weirich Charles Ives, Symphony no. 2; and Aaron Copland, Short Symphony; 499 Charles Ives, Symphony no. 3 Alan Stout Back in the Saddle Again: American Cowboy Songs; and The Plains of 501 Alberta: A Collection of Early Cowboy Songs Ronnie Pugh Music at Sharon: A Celebration of 150 Years--1831-1981 502 Richard D. Wetzel Samuel Felsted, Jonah, an Oratorio 504 Peter Perrin

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