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Table of Contents: Volume 4, No. 2 (Summer 1986)

Note Reading and Regular Singing in Eighteenth-Century New England		125
Paul R. Osterhout

Jimmie Noone: Chicago's Classic Jazz Clarinetist				145
William Howland Kenney III

On Scholarship, Standards, and Aesthetics:					159
In American Music We are All On the Spot	
Martin Williams

One Hunderd Percent Americanism and Music in Boston during World War I		164
Barbara L. Tischler

The Handel Society of Dartmouth							177
Richard I. Kegerreis

Reminiscences of Black Musicians						194
James Standifer

BOOK REVIEWS Nicholas E. Tawa, Serenading the Reluctant Eagle: 206 American Musical LIfe, 1925-1945 Daniel Kingman Charles K. Wolfe, Kentucky Country; Folk and Country Music of Kentucky; 208 and Ivan M. Tribe, Mountaineer Jamboree: Country Music in West Virginia William H. Tallmadge Louis M. "Grandpa" Jones, with Charles K. Wolfe, Everybody's Grandpa: 213 Fifty Years Behind the Mike Ed Kahn Jim Newsom, ed., Perspectives on John Philip Sousa 215 Paul E. Bierley George Martin, The Damrosch Dynasty: America's First Family of Music 218 Nancy R. Ping-Robbins Donald L. Hixon, Thea Musgrave: A Bio-Bibliography; and Heidi 220 Von Gunden, The Music of Pauline Oliveros Mary Jane Correy William Lichtenwanger, ed., Oscar Sonneck and American Music 221 Dena J. Epstein Peter Gena and Jonathan Brent, comps. and ed., A John Cage Reader: 222 In Celebration of his 70th Birthday Frank Hoogerwerf Albert Chirst-Janer, Charles W. Hughes, and Carlton Sprague Smith, American 224 Hymns Old and New; and Charles W. Hughes, American Hymns Old and New: Notes on the Hymsn and Biographies of the Authors and Composers Harry Eskew Gene Claghorn, Women Composers and Hymnists: A Concise Biographical Dictionary 225 Adrienne Fried Block Aaron I. Cohen, comp., International Discography of Women Composers; 227 and Jane Frasier, Women Composers: A Discography Ann P. Basart Becky Blackley, The Autoharp Book 228 June Lazare Goldenberg Bruce Pollock, ed., Popular Music: An Annotated Index of 299 American Popular Songs, vols. 7 and 8 Eric Tamm
RECORD REVIEWS Arthur Foote, Chamber Music; and Charles Wakefield Cadman, 231 Trio in D major, op. 56; and Piano Music William Kearns George Crumb, Apparition: Elegaic Songs and Vocalises for Soprano and 233 Amplified Piano; and Charles Ives, Songs Peter Dickinson George Antheil, La Femme 100 tetes 235 Linda Whitesitt Popular Music in Jacksonian America 236 Jean Thomas and Deane L. Root Inter-American Musical Editions, 16 vols. 238 Gilbert Chase The Happy Journey: Early American Vocal Music, vol. 2 244 Dale Cockrell

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