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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 4, No. 4 (Winter 1986)

New Light on the Programmatic Aesthetic of MacDowell's Symphonic Poem	369
Dolores Pesce

Mutual Reinforcement and the Origins of Spirituals			390
John F. Garst

Bands and Orchestras at the World's Columbian Exposition		407
Sandy R. Mazzola

Alexander Reinagle, His Family Background and Early Professional Career	425
Anne McClenny Kraus

The Music of the Mennonite Brethren of Saskatchewan to 1923		457
Wesley Berg

BOOK REVIEWS Minna Lederman, The Life and Death of a Small Magazine 469 (Modern Music, 1924-1946) Charles L. P. Silet David E. Whisnant, All That is Native and Fine: The Politics of 471 of Culture in an American Region Burt Feintuch Herbert I. London, Closing the Circle: A Cultural History 473 of the Rock Revolution Dale Cockrell Arnold Laubich and Ray Spencer, Art Tatum: A Guide to His 474 Recorded Music William Geoffrey Shaman Michael Taft, Blues Lyric Poetry: An Anthology, and Michael 476 Taft, Blues Lyric Poetry: A Concordance W.K. McNeil RECORD REVIEWS Trombone Solos 480 Craig Parker Charles Tomlinson Griffes, Piano Music of Charles Tomlinson Griffes 481 Kathleen Haefliger The Apache Day in Song 482 Claire R. Farrer

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