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Table of Contents: Volume 5, No. 1 (Spring 1987)

Jenny's Toe Revisited: White Responses to Afro-American Shaking Dances	1
Chadwick Hansen

Rayner Taylor's Music for The Aethiop: Part 2, The Keyboard		20
Score (The Ethiop) and Its Orchestral Restoration
Victor Fell Yellin

John Prine's Lyrics							48
Charles Fanning

Ruth Crawford: A Promising Young Composer in New York, 1929-30		74
Matilda Galume

COMMUNICATION On Jimmie Noone 85 Martin Williams
BOOK REVIEWS Gunther Schuller, Musings: The Musical Worlds of Gunther Schuller 87 Allen P. Britton Ramon Pelinski, La Musicque des Inuit du Caribou; Maija M. 89 Lutz, Musical Traditions of the Labradour Coast Inuit; Beverly Cavanaugh, Music of the Netslik Eskimo; Anton F. Kolstee, Bella Coola Indian Music; and Robert Witmer, The Musical Life of the Blood Indians Timothy Rice Nicholas Tawa, A Music for the Millions: Antebellum 93 Democratic Attitudes and the Birth of American Popular Music William Kearns J.A. Leo Lemay, "New England's Annoyances": America's First 95 Folk Songs Arthur Schrader Roger L. Hall, ed., The Happy Journey: Thirty-Five Shaker 97 Spirituals Compiles by Miss Clara Endicott Sears Donald E. Christenson James Lincoln Collier, Louis Armstrong: An American Genius 99 David Thathum Geneva Handy Southall, The Continuing Enslavement of Blind Tom, 101 The Black Pianist Composer (1865-1887), Book II; and Jeffrey P. Green, Edmund Thornton Jenkins: The Life and Times of an American Black Composer, 1894-1926 Josephine Wright Andrew Lamb, Jerome Kern in Edwardian London; and Stephen 103 Burge Johnson, The Roof Gardens of Broadway Theaters, 1883-1942 Gerald Bordman Martha Furman Schleifer, William Wallace Gilchrist (1846-1916): 105 7A Moving Force in the Musical Life of Philadelphia Jacklin Bolton Stopp Lewis Porter, Lester Young 106 Douglas Henry Daniels John Gillespie and Anna Gillespie, A Bibliography of 107 Nineteenth-Century American Piano Music, with Location, Sources, and Composer Biography-Index J. Bunker Clark Lenwood G. Davis, comp., A Paul Robeson Research Guide: A 109 Selected Annotated Bibliography Caldwell Titcomb Barry Jean Ancelet, Musicians cadiens et creoles / The Makers 111 of Cajun Music; and Ann Allen Savoy, comp., Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People, vol. 1 Andre PRevos An Appreciation: Roger Sessions, 1896-1985 113 Douglas B. Moore
RECORD REVIEWS Charles Martin Loeffler, Songs 115 Peter Perrin Mary Carr Moore, The Songs of Mary Carr Moore 116 Philip Lieson Miller Daniel Gregory Mason, Chanticleer Festival Overture; 117 Quincy Porter, Dances in Three-Time; John Alden Carpenter, Sea Drift; Henry Hadley, Scherzo diabolique Fred Hauptman Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Passages; String Trio 118 Edith Borroff Walter Piston, String Quartets, Nos. 1-5; Quintet for Flute 119 and String Quartet Howard Pollack

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