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Table of Contents: Volume 5, No. 3 (Fall 1987)

Company, About Face! The Show that Revolutionized the			241
American Musical
Eugene K. Bristow and J. Kevin Butler

Jazz Magazines of the 1930s: An Overview of Their Provocative		255
Ron Welburn

Perceptions of Education in the Lyrics of American Popular Music,	271
Ronald E. BUtchart and B. Lee Cooper

Music in New Orleans, 1718-1792						282
John H. Baron

Moses Asch, Documentor							291
Gene Bluestein

Personalities, Politics, and Prophecy: Frederic Archer			305
and the Birth of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Robert F. Schmalz

BOOK REVIEWS Julian Mates, America's Musical Stage: Two Hundred Years 317 of Musical Theatre Katherine K. Preston Gerald Bordman, American Musical Revue: From the "Passing 319 Show" to "Sugar Babies" Geoffrey Block David L. Junchen, Encylopedia of the American Theatre 321 Organ, vol. 1 Barbara Owen Robert Garafalo and Mark Elrod, A Pictoral History of 323 Civil War Era Musical Instruments & Military Bands Frank Byrne MacDonald Smith Moore, Yankee Blues: Musical Culture 324 and American Identity Ronald D. Cohen Count Basie, as told to Albert Murray, Good Morning, Blues 326 Geoffrey Block Ian Carr, Miles Davis; Jack Chambers, Milestones 329 1 and 2; Charles Blancq, Sonny Rollins: The Journey of a Jazzman and Morroe Berger, Edward Berger, and James Patrick, Benny Carter: A Life in American Music Lawrence Gushee Patsy Guy Hammontree, Elvis Presley: A Bio-Bibliography 337 Richard Jackson Don Waller, The Motown Story; and Nelson George, 339 Where Did Our Love Go? The Rise & Fall of the Motown Sound Andre PRevos Barbara Lambert, ed., Music in Colonial Massachusetts, 340 1630-1820, Vol. 2, Music in Homes and in Churches H. Earle Johnson Donald Spivey, Union and the Black Musician: The Narrative 343 of William Everett Samuels and Chicago Local 208 Rawn Spearman John Beckwith, ed., Hymn Tunes 345 Thurston J. Dox Carol J. Oja, ed., American Music Recordings: A Discography 346 of 20th Century U.S. Composers Steven Ledbetter
RECORD REVIEWS New Music with Guitar, vols. 1-3 349 Margorie Hassen Seymour Shifrin, Chronicles; Three Songs; Five Songs; 351 and Seymour Shifrin, Cantata to the Text of Sophoclean Choruses Emily Good Ellen Taaffe Zwlich, Symphony No. 1; Prologue and Variations; 352 Celebration; and Olly Wilson, Sinfonia; John Harbison, Symphony No. 1; and Gardner Read, Symphony No. 4, op. 92; Marcel Dick, Adagio and Rondo Fred Hauptman Leonard Bernstein, Candide 354 Lynn Laitman Siebert Thomas Oboe Lee, The Mad Frog!; Third String Quartet; 356 Gunther Schuller, Symbiosis; and Composers in Red Sneakers Howard Pollack

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