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Table of Contents: Volume 5, No. 4 (Winter 1987)

ONCE: Microcosm of the 1960s Musical and Multimedia Avant-Garde		359
Richard S. James

Musical Yankees and Tories in Maritime Settlements of			391
Eighteenth-Century Canada
Frederick A. Hall

Early Country Music and the Mass Media in Roanoke, Virginia		403
Kip Lornell

Of Gospel Hymns, MInstrel Shows, and Jubilee Singers:			417
Toward Some Black South African Musics
Dale Cockrell

Copland and Chavez: Brothers-in-Arms					433
Robert L. Parker

BOOK REVIEWS R.P. Christeson, comp. and ed., The Old-Time Fiddler's 445 Repertory; and The Old-time Fiddler's Repertory: Historic Field Recordings of Forty-one Traditional Tunes Alan Buechner Victor Pelissier, Pelissier's Columbian Melodies: Music 448 for the New York and Philadelphia Theaters, ed. Karl Kroeger Fred Hauptman Frederick A. Hall, ed., Songs I to English Texts 452 Nicholas E. Tawa Barney Bigard, With Louis and the Duke: The Autobiography 453 of a Jazz Clarinetist James Patrick Buck Clayton, assisted by Nancy Miller Elliott, Buck Clayton's 454 Jazz World Scott Deveaux Charlie Barnet, with Stanley Dance, Those Swinging Years: 455 The Autobiography of Charlie Barnet Charles M. Berg Verna Arvey, In One Lifetime 456 D. Antoinette Handy Paul E. Bierley, The Works of John Philip Sousa 458 Dianna Eiland Thomas A. Bumgardner, NOrman Dello Joio 459 Leonard Burkat Robert G. Pielke, You Say You Want a Revolution: 460 Rock Music in American Culture Kenneth J. Bindas Irving Sablosky, What They Heard: Music in America, 462 1852-1881, from the Pages of "Dwight's Journal of Music" Jacklin Bolton Stopp Thomas Hillgrove, Hillgrove's Ball Room Guide: 464 A Complete Practical Guide to the Art of Dancing Elizabeth Aldrich
RECORD REVIEWS Vincent Persichetti, Tenth Piano Sonata; Serenade no. 7; 467 Eleventh Piano Sonata Walter Simmons Joan Tower, Platinum Spirals; Noon Dance; Amazon; Wings; 469 and Carman Moore, Berenice; Variations on a Theme by George Frederick Handel; David Chaitkin, Summersong for 23 Wind Instruments, and John Melby, Concerto for Violin, English Horn, and Computer-Synthesized Tape; James Tenney, Saxony Howard Pollack Miriam Gideon, Sonnets from Shakespeare; Wing'd Hour; 471 Stephen Dembski, Spectra; Stacked Deck Emily Good William Grant Still, William Grant Still Conducts William 473 Grant Still; and William Grant Still, William Grant Still, 1895-1978 Betty Hillmon

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