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Table of Contents: Volume 6, No. 1 (Spring 1988)

"Backside Albany" and Early Blackface Minstrelsy: A Contextual Study	1
of America's First Blackface Song
William J. Mahar

Doing-it-Yourself in 1875: George F. Patton on Arranging Band Music	28
Lavern John Wagner

Word Painting in the Music of William Billings				41
Karl Kroeger

The American Education of Luther Whiting Mason				65
Bonlyn G. Hall

"Singing Merrily, Merrily, Merrily": Songs for the Skeptics of 1838	74
Carol A. Pemberton

COMMUNICATIONS On Toodle-oo, Todalo, and Jenny's Toe 88 Mark Tucker Reply to Tucker 91 Chadwick Hansen Letter to the Editor 92 Stanley Sadie
BOOK REVIEWS Barbara L. Tischler, An American Music: The Search for an American 93 Musical Identity Richard Crawford Gary Giddins, Celebrating Bird: The Triumph of Charlie Parker 96 Lawrence Gushee Michael Danzi, as told to Rainer E. Lotz, American Musician in 98 in Germany, 1924-1939; and Mick Zwerin, La Tristesse de Saint Louis: Jazz under the Nazis Kim Kowalke Don Gillespie, comp. and ed., George Crumb: Profile of a Composer 102 Edith Borroff Matilda Gaume, Ruth Crawford Seeger; Memoirs, Memories, Music 104 Edith Borroff Anthony Tommasini, Virgil Thomson's Musical Portraits; and 106 Virgil Thomson: A Bio-Bibliography S. Margaret William McCarthy Tilford Brooks, America's Black Musical Heritage; Eileen 108 Southern, The Music of Black Americans: A History; and Eileen Southern, Biographical Dictionary of Afro-American and African Musicians Dominique-Rene de Lerma
RECORD REVIEWS The Early Minstrel Show 112 Kathryn Reed-Maxfield Elliott Carter, Piano Concerto; Variations for Orchestra 114 James M. Burk Ach ya! Traditional German-American Music from Wisconsin; and 115 Accordions in the Cutover Edward C. Wolf American Piano Music, vols. 1-2 118 Douglas A. Lee Elie Siegmeister, Prelude, Blues, Finale; City Songs; Theme & Variations119 no. 1; Songs of Innocence; and Elie Siegmeister, Ways of Love; Langston Hughes Songs; Irwin Bazelon, Imprints ... on Ivory and Strings for Piano; Five Pieces for Piano Fred Hauptman The Long Island State 121 R. John Specht

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