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Table of Contents: Volume 6, No. 3 (Fall 1988)

Anthems of the Sacred Harp Tunesmiths					247
Wallace McKenzie

John Hodgkinson in England: The Early Life of an American Actor-Singer	264
Susan L. Porter

Patrick S. Gilmore: The Boston Years					281
Frank J. Cipolla

Jaromir Weinberger (1896-1967): From Bohemia to America			293
David Z. Kushner

COMMUNICATIONS Letters to the Editor 314 Kim H. Kowalke; Barbara L. Tischler
BOOK REVIEWS Catherine Parsons Smith and Cynthia S. Richardson, Mary Carr Moore, 317 American Composer Jane Bowers Donald R. Hinks, Brethren Hymn Books and Hymnals, 1720-1884 320 Robert M. Copeland Carol A. Pemberton, Lowell Mason: His Life and Work 323 Hubert Henderson Ryan J. Thomson, The Fiddler's Almanac 326 George O. Carney, ed., The Sounds of People and Places: Readings in the 327 Geography of American Folk and Popular Music Roy Hemming, The Melody Lingers On: The Great Songwriters and Their 331 Movie Musicals Charles Merrell Berg Debora Kodish, Good Friends and Bad Enemies: Robert Winslow Gordon 333 and the Study of American Folksong Chris Sheridan, comp., Count Basie: A Bio-Discography 337 William Shaman James Lincoln Collier, Duke Ellington 338 Martin Williams Melody Sumner, Kathleen Burch, and Michael Sumner, eds., 342 The Guests go to Supper Richard S. James Robert Shelton, No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan; 345 Sam Shepard, Rolling Thunder Logbook Thomas Doherty Nicholas Schaffner, The British Invasion: From the First Wave to the; 349 New Wave; Herb Hendler, Year by Year in the Rock Era: Events and Conditions Shaping the Rock Generation that Reshaped America Peter Winkler
RECORD REVIEWS William Schuman, Symphony no. 7; Leonardo Balada, Steel Symphony 352 Craig B. Parker Aaron Copland, Billy the Kid; Rodeo 354 Kathleen Haefliger Fait a la main! Spicy Traditional Instrumental Cajun Classics; 355 and Louisiana Zydeco Music Robert Witmer John Harbison, Mirabai Songs; Variations 357 Richard Swift Double Music: Works by Cage, Foss, Harrison and Sollberger 358 Harrison Powley A Crazy Quilt of American Piano Music 359 Douglas A. Lee Omaha Indian Music: Historic Recordings from the Fletcher/LaFlesche 361 Collections; Songs and Dances of the Eastern Indians from Medicine Spring & Allegany; and Powwow Songs: Music of the Plains Indians Bruno Nettl Horatio Parker, A Northern Ballad; George W. Chadwick, 363 Symphony no. 2 Louis Gruenberg, The Music of Louis Gruenberg 364 Robert F. Nisbett
Index of Reviews in the Sonneck Society Bulletin, Vol. 13 (1987) 367

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