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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 7, No. 1 (Spring 1989)

Special Jazz Issue

Introduction								1
Scott Deveaux, Editorial Consultant

The Emergence of the Jazz Concert, 1935-1945				6
Scott Deveaux

Jazz as Deliverance: The Reception and Institution of			30
American Jazz during the Weimar Republic
Susan C. Cook

James Reese Europe and the Prehistory of Jazz				48
R. Reid Badger

The Seven Jazz Preludes of George Gershwin:				68
A Historical Narrative
Robert Wyatt

BOOK REVIEWS Leonard Feather, The Jazz Years: Earwitness to an Era 86 Charles Merrell Berg Artis Wodehouse, Gershwin's Improvisations for Solo Piano 88 Transcribed from the 1926 and 1928 Disc Recordings Diana R .Hallman Wayne Hampton, Guerrilla Minstrels: John Lennon, 90 Joe Hill, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan Ronald D. Cohen Helen Oakley Dance, Stormy Monday: The T-Bone Walker Story 91 Andre J. M. Prevos Robert Pattison, The Triumph of Vulgarity: Rock Music 93 in the Mirror of Romanticism KEnneth J. Bindas William Walker, The Southern Harmony and 94 Musical Companion Ronald Pen John Harvith and Susan Edwards Harvith, eds., Edison, 96 Musicians, and the Phonograph: A Century in Retrospect Dena J. Epstein Cousin Bruce Morrow and Laura Baudo, Cousin Brucie! 97 My Life in Rock 'n' Roll Radio Paul David Friedlander Stephen Nelson, "Only a Paper Moon": The Theater of 99 Billy Rose Julian Mates Nicolas Slonimsky, Perfect Pitch: A Life Story 101 Leonard Burkat Lucian Poirier, ed., Songs II to French Text 103 Nicholas Tawa Jon Michael Spencer, Sacred Symphony: The Chanted Sermon 105 of the Black Preacher
RECORD REVIEWS Roger Sessions, Symphony no. 4; Symphony no. 5 108 Andrea Olmstead Morton Gould, Concerto Concertante, 'Cellos; Pavanne 109 David Tomatz Stefan Wolpe, Form IV; Broken Sequences; Pastorale; 111 Passacaglia; Peter Lieberson, Bagatelles; and Raoul Pleskow, Epitaph and Caprice; Matthew Greenbaum, Mischsprache; and Stefan Wolpe, Displaced Spaces; Battle Piece Austin Clarkson John Knowles Paine, Chamber Music 114 John C. Huxford Vladimir Ussachevsky, Dialogues and Contrasts; Colloquy 115 Craig B. Parker Louisiana Cajun and Creole Music, 1934: The Lomax Recordings; 117 Hot Chili Mama; and Clifton Chenier Sings the Blues Robert Witmer Barbara Kolb, Toccata; Appello; Soundings 119 Larry Starr Aaron Copland [and] Arthur Foote, Chamber Music with Flute 120 Wilma Reid Cipolla

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