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Table of Contents: Volume 7, No. 2 (Summer 1989)

Charles Ives's Humor as Reflected in His Songs				123
Cassandra I. Carr

Josiah Flagg								140
David W. Music

The Role Women Impresarios in American Concert Life, 1871-1933		159
Linda Whitesitt

The Composer and Performer and Other Matters: A Panel Discussion	181
with Virgil Thomson and Philip Glass, Moderated by Gregory Sandow
Transcribed and edited by J. Bunker Clark

BOOK REVIEWS Daphne Duval Harrison, Black Pearls: Blues Queens 205 of the 1920s Andre J.M. Prevos Joan Peyser, Bernstein: A Biography 207 Leonard J. Lehrman Virginia Bortin, Elinor Remick Warren: Her Life 209 and Her Music Adrienne Fried Block Hermann Seele; Theodore Gish, trans., Texas Fahrten: 211 Travels in Texas Karl Kroeger, ed., The Complete Works of William Billings, Vol. 3 214 Clifford Ford, ed., Sacred Choral Music II 216 Thurston Dox James Boeringer, Morning Star: The Life and Works of 218 Francis Florentine Hagen (1815-1907), Moravian Evangelist and Composer Karl Kroeger David Whitwell, The Longy Club: A Professional Wind 220 Ensemble in Boston (1900-1917) Frank L. Battisti Henry Martin, Enjoying Jazz 221 Nathan W. Pearson, Jr., Goin' to Kansas City 222 Scott Deveaux
RECORD REVIEWS Victor Herbert, Fall of a Nation; Jerome Kern, 226 Gloria's Romance Fred Steiner John Knowles Paine, Symphony no. 2 in A, op. 34 228 John C. Schmidt John Alden Carpenter, Skyscrapers; John Knowles 229 Paine, Oedipus tyrannus -- Prelude; Edward MacDowell, Lamia; Arthur Foote, Suite for Strings in E; and Dudley Buck, Festival Overture Fred Hauptman Amy Beach [and] Arthur Foote, Music for Piano 230 Charles Wilhite George Rochberg, Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra; 232 Jacob Druckman, Prism Austin Clarkson William Bolcom, Twelve New Etudes; Stefan Wolpe, 234 Battle Piece; and William Bolcom, Session I; Symphony no. 4 Joshua Berrett George Perle, Complete Wind Quintets 235 Richard G. Swift The Blues and the Grays: Music of the American Civil War 237 Frank Hoogerwerf William Kraft, The Sublime nad the Beautiful; 238 Gallery '83; Des imagistes Harrison Powley Samuel Adler, Chamber Music; Warren Benson, 240 Songs of Warren Benson; John Downey, Music of John Downey Howard Pollack

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