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Table of Contents: Volume 7, No. 3 (Fall 1989)

Roger Session's Fugal Studies with Ernest Bloch: A Glimpse		245
into the Workshop
Michael Nott

Preparing the Audience, Informing the Performers:			260
John A. Lomax and Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads
Mark Fenster

A Nomad in New York: Paul Bowles 1933-48				278
Gena Dagel

Music in Turn-of-the Century America: A View from the "Old World"	315
Zoltan Roman

BOOK REVIEWS Simon J. Bonner, Old-Time Music Makers of New York State 324 William E. White Sheila Davis, The Craft of Lyric Writing and 326 Successful Lyric Writing: A Step-by-Step Course and Workbook; and Stephen Citron, Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft Jack Gottlieb Margaret Hindle Hazen and Robert M. Hazen, The Music Men: 329 An Illustrated History of Brass Bands in America, 1800-1920 Frank J. Cipolla Ellen Knight, ed., Charles Martin Loeffler: Selected Songs 331 with Chamber Accompaniment Ruth C. Friedberg Lawrence W. Hartzell, Ohio Moravian Music 333 June C. Ottenberg Chuck Berry, Chuck Berry: The Autobiography 335 Douglas H. Daniels Gordana Lazarevich, The Musical World of Frances James 338 and Murray Adaskin Douglas B. Moore Val Hicks, ed., Heritage of Harmony 340 Robert M. Campbell Albert Goldman, The Lives of John Lennon 341 Terence J. O'Grady James Lincoln Collier, The Reception of Jazz in America: 345 A New View Krin Gabbard Roman Iwaschkin, Popular Music: A Reference Guide 346 Paul F. Wells
RECORD REVIEWS Jerome Kern, Show Boat 349 Ron Byrnside Daniel Kingman, The Crooked Trail to Holbrook; 350 The Hills of Mexico Catherine Parsons Smith Arthur Berger, Quartet for Winds; Duo no. 1 for Violin 351 and Piano; Duo for Cello and Piano; Duo for Oboe and Clarinet; Trio for Guitar, Violin, and Piano; and Milton Babbitt, The Joy of More Sextets; Sextets Elaine Barkin Gunther Schuller, Duologue; and John Knowles Paine, 354 Violin Sonata in B minor Joshua Berrett Ned Rorem, String Symphony; Sunday Morning; Eagles 355 Howard Pollack Faye-Ellen Silverman, Restless Winds; Speaking Alone; 357 Passing Fancies; Ralph Shape, Kroslish Sonate; Concertante no. 1 for Trumpet and 10 Players Emily Good

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