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Table of Contents: Volume 7, No. 4 (Winter 1989)

Edward MacDowell and Indian Motive					359
Francis Brancaleone

William Henry Fry's Messianic Yearnings:				382
The Eleven Lectures, 1852-53
Vera Brodsky Lawrence

"Wilks," "No. 45," and Mr. Billings					412
Arthur Schrader

American Minimalism in the 1980s					430
Brent Heisinger

Interpreting Muzak: Speculations on Musical Experience			448
in Everyday Life
Ronald M. Radano

COMMUNICATION Letter to the Editor 461 Leonard Burkat
BOOK REVIEWS H. Wiley Hitchcock, Music in the United States: 465 A Historical Introduction J. Bunker Clark David P. Szatmary, Rockin' in Time: A Social 467 History of Rock and Roll Craig H. Russell Vicki L. Eaklor, American Antislavery Songs: 470 A Collection and Analysis Dena J. Epstein Elaine Keillor, ed., Piano Music II 472 John Gillespie Gary Giddins, Satchmo 473 Martin Williams Herman Gray, Producing Jazz: The Experience 475 of an Independent Record Company Kip Lornell Milton Babbitt, Words About Music, ed. Stephen 476 Dembski and Joseph N. Struas Fred Everett Maus Elise K. Kirk, Music at the White House: 479 A History of the American Spirit Roy J. Guenther
RECORD REVIEWS Journeys: Orchestral Works by American Women 482 LInda Whitesitt R. Nathaniel Dett, Magnolia Suite; In the 484 Bottoms; Eight BIble Vignettes Alison Deane Songs of America 485 Richard LeSueur Harold Shapero, Nine-Minute Overture; 487 Symphony for Classical Orchestra Howard Pollack Another Coast: New Works from the West 488 Catherine Parsons Smith

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