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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 8, No. 2 (Summer 1990)

John Cage's Studies with Schoenberg					125
Michael Hicks

Amy Beach's Music on Native American Themes				141
Adrienne Fried Block

American Violin Method-Books and European Teachers,			167
Geminiani to Spohr
M. Alexandra Eddy

VIeuxtemps (and Ole Bull) in New Orleans				210
John H. Baron

COMMUNICATIONS The New Grove Dictionary of American Music 227 Stanley Sadie Reply 229 Leonard Burkat
BOOK REVIEWS Aaron Copland and Vivian Perlis, Copland 231 since 1943 H. Wiley Hitchcock Lawrence W. Levine, Highbrow/Lowbrow--The 233 Emergence of Cultural Hierarchy in America John Spitzer Judith Lang Zaimont, Catherine Overhauser, and Jane Gottlieb, 236 eds., The Musical Woman: An International Perspective, Volume 2, 1984-1985 Judith Tick Francis Davis, In the Moment: Jazz in the 1980s 238 Ronald M. Radano
RECORD REVIEWS Donald Martino, String Quartet; Fred Lerdahl, 241 First String Quartet Joshua Berrett

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