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American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 8, No. 4 (Winter 1990)

The Evolution of Robert Moevs's Compositional Methodology		383
James Boros

Johnny Dodds in New Orleans						405
Gene Anderson

The "Elevation" of the Banjo in Late Nineteenth-Century America		441
Karen Elizabeth Linn

Sacred and Secular America: Virgil Thomson's Symphony on		465
a Hymn Tune
MIchael Meckna

The Other Mr. Selby							477
Barbara OWen

BOOK REVIEWS Vera Brodsky Lawrence, Resonances 483 Dena J. Epstein Russell Sanjek, American Popular Music and Its Business: 485 The First Four Hundred Years D.W. Krummel Ezra Schabas, Theodore Thomas: America's Conductor and 487 Builder of Orchestra Philip Hart
RECORD REVIEWS George Gershwin, Porgy and Bess 490 Larry Starr Elliott Carter, The Vocal Works (1975-1981) 492 Thomas Rimer Walter Piston, Sonata pour Piano; Quintet for 494 Pianoforte and String Quartet; Improvisation; Passacaglia Howard Pollack Carnaval 496 Raoul Camus

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