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Table of Contents: Volume 9, No. 1 (Spring 1991)

Ross Lee Finney at Eighty-five: Weep Torn Land				1
Kenneth Peacock

Duke Ellington's LIterary Sources					20
Theodore R. Hudson

Relieving "12-Tone Paralysis": Harry Partch in Madison,			43
Wisconsin, 1944-1947
Ronald V. Wieckl

The Singing Societies of Oneida						67
Terence J. O'Grady

National Martial Music and Songs, A Musical First			92
Clyde S. Shive, Jr.

BOOK REVIEWS Jeff Todd Titon, Powerhouse for God: Speech, Chant, and Song 102 in an Appalachian Baptist Church Terry E. Miller John Beckwith, ed., Sing Out the Glad News: Hymn Tunes in Canada 104 Wallace McKenzie Otto Friedrich, Glenn Gould: A LIfe and Variations 106 Geoffrey Block Kip Lornell, "Happy in the Service of the Lord": Afro-American 110 Gospel Quartets in Memphis Robin Hough Thomas Vennum, Jr., The Ojibwa Dance Drum: Its History and Construction 112 Victoria Lindsay Levine
RECORD REVIEWS James Lewis, You Must Remember This 114 Mark Tucker Miklos Rozsa, String Quartet no. 1, op. 22; String Quartet 116 no. 2, op. 38; Rhapsody for Cello & Piano, op. 3 Fred Steiner

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