The Society for American Music

American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 9, No. 2 (Summer 1991)

Ives and Counterpoint								119
J. Philip Lambert

James Scott and the Culture of Classic Ragtime					149
William H. Kenney

"The New Gospel of Music": Arthur Farwell's Vision of Democratic		183
Music in America
Thomas Stoner

Trouble in the Mines: A History in Song and Story by Women of Appalachia	209
Henrietta Yurchenco

BOOK REVIEWS Doris Willens, Lonesome Traveler: The Life of Lee Hays; and 225 Robbie Lieberman, "My Song is My Weapon": People's Songs, American Communism, and the Politics of Culture, 1930-50 Ronald D. Cohen David Neumeyer, The Music of Paul Hindemith 227 Eckhart Richter Ronald W. Holz, Heralds of Victory: A History Celebrating the 100th 230 Anniversary of the New York Staff Band & Male Chorus, 1887-1987 Paul E. Bierly Jim Curtis, Rock Eras: Interpretations of Music and Society, 1954-1984 232 Paul S. Machlin
RECORD REVIEWS Thea Musgrave, Rorate Coeli & Four Madrigals; Judith Lang Zaimont, 238 Serenade: To Music & Parable D. Royce Boyer Leo Sowerby, Sonata for Pianoforte; Suite for Piano; Passacaglia 240 Dale L. Hudson

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