The Society for American Music

American Music

Table of Contents: Volume 9, No. 4 (Winter 1991)

George Frederick Bristow and the New York Public Schools		339
Thurston Dox

Kansas City Music Publishing: The First Fifty Years			353
Petr A. Munstedt

"Those Songs Which So Much Remind Me of You": The Musical Taste		384
of General J.E.B. Stuart
Caroline Moseley

Mayhem and Morality in Sweeney Todd					405
Alfred Mollin

BOOK REVIEWS Jaime de Angulo; Peter Garland, ed., The Music of the Indians 418 of Northern California; Richard Keeling, ed., Women in North American Indian Music: Six Essays; Bruno Nettle, Blackfoot Musical Thought: Comparative Perspectives Anne Dhu Shapiro Larry Palmer, Harpsichord in America: A Twentieth-Century Revival 422 Carolyn Bryant
RECORD REVIEWS Jerome Kern, Sitting Pretty 425 Gerald Bordman Roland Hayes, The Art of Roland Hayes 427

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